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Exceptional Edge is an SAT preparation course for students with diverse learning needs.  Designed for students with attention, processing, or anxiety issues, Exceptional Edge offers preparation aligned with the most common testing accommodations and delivered with relentless positivity.  Exceptional students deserve exceptional instruction.

I have worked with special needs students throughout my teaching career.  In recent years, I have been referred to an increasing number of students with ADHD, ASD, OCD, EFD, dysgraphia, and severe anxiety.  Up to now I have always offered only private tutoring for these students.  It wasn’t until I met Glenda Fu, and saw her work with Dreams for Kids DC up close, that I understood just how much of a demand for college test preparation there is among the exceptionalities community.  Since my schedule is always busy, and since my fee for individual tutoring is unaffordable for some families, I realized that an SAT course for students with special needs was something I needed to start offering.

All students can learn.  Countless times I have watched kids who rarely experience success in traditional settings shine when given positive, mindful instruction in a setting where they feel safe.  That is whatExceptional Edge offers: a comfortable environment where students can build confidence by experiencing success on authentic assessments.  Specific differentiation includes extended time for lessons and tests, instructor read aloud for reading passages, interpersonal and intrapersonal activities to improve engagement, and direct instruction of organizational and study skills.

The debut of Exceptional Edge is scheduled for the week of July 18 Monday through Thursday each week, from 1 – 3 PM.  My classroom is located at 5501 Backlick Rd, Suite 110, Springfield, VA 22151.  

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